Burning Rush Enters Beta Testing


Burning Rush is an upcoming game onto Android devices. It’s an addictive endless runner game that is inspired by Flappy Bird and Bullet Hell esque type games. You play as a phoenix who has to battle the dangerous, yet cute, dragons that await you. As your journey progresses, you’ll rise from your ashes as a stronger phoenix!

Game Features:

  • • Battle the different dragons that anticipate your arrival
  • • Upgrade your attacks for a longer and more profitable run
  • • Navigate through bullet hell esque nightmares
  • • Get immersed in the art style, backgrounds, and level design
  • • Brag to your friends on how far you were able to get

Game Play Video:

Note: This video is Alpha Footage

Screen Shots:

Become a Beta Tester Today!

In order to become a beta tester, you will need to join our Google Group, once approved you will find a thread titled: “Beta Testing Link for Burning Rush”. Inside the thread will be a link to opt-into the beta app and allow you to download the game at Google Play.

Link to the Google Group: Burning Rush Beta

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